Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to Use Keylogger to Monitor Your Computer

     What is a keylogger & is a keylogger legal?

     Keylogger is software used to do a variety of things: keyboard monitoring, application monitoring, and internet monitoring along with many other things. Key logging itself is the action recording keystrokes to see things like passwords, chat logs, login information and so on. The action of key logging is legal, however in certain methods and situations it can be illegal. Using keyloggers on example public computers that you do not own is against the law. However its fine to use it with permission from administrators and or computers you own.

     Video tutorial about Elite Keylogger

     STEP 1: Downloading Elite Keylogger

     Downloading Elite Keylogger is simple, head over to and simply click the buy or trial button at the top in order to start your download. Download keylogger today with a free trial opportunity and choose to upgrade to there after. 

     STEP 2: Installing Elite Keylogger

     The installation process may differ a bit depending on your OS however its relatively similar for each variation of windows. After downloading Elite Keylogger the setup process will start and you can walkthrough setting up things like install directory and so on. You can also choose to remotely install Elite Keylogger or even have a silent installation. To install click the file you downloaded after heading to the site and open it. You’ll be walked through by setup wizard simply fill out information relative to where you want the files stored and so on and click the “next” button throughout the process. You’ll then be prompted to restart your pc for it to take effect.

     STEP 3: Unhide/Hide

     Elite Keylogger itself runs silently in the background. When you choose to run it and check logs you can simply use a “run” command to unhide the app. To do this simply open a run prompt on windows by using Windows key+R then type the hide and or unhide command to launch/hide Elite Keylogger Otherwise the application stays hidden not revealing itself in any taskbar, system tray, etc.

     STEP 4: Features

     Elite Keylogger has a variety amount of features. Basic keystroke recording allows you to see any text inputted from passwords to any other plain text. Along with that you can monitor things like email clients & chat logs from apps like MSN, AIM, Gtalk, etc. Elite Keylogger also has a built in screen shot tool to take screenshots of running apps. Tracking printed documents as well is simple with elite key logger, simply see what employees are printing with a click of a button. Lastly internet monitoring, elite key logger can track web search history, and other sites that may endanger your computer or environment.

     Overall Elite Keylogger is one of the best keyloggers out there for both personal and business environment. Elite Keylogger is easy to setup and get running on your computers be it for work or again your own personal device. Monitor whats being typed and other sensitive information like web history, email and so on. Using Elite Keylogger you can manage a ton of things going on in the work environment and see if workers working efficiently and properly. 

     This one app packs a ton of features to help make your computing more secure and monitored. Download Elite Keylogger today be it remotely and or silently on your computers to get in control of whats happening from email, text, to chat logs. Elite Keylogger has it covered.